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Нуруу нугасны төв

Нуруу нугасны төв

Neurosurgery, Pain Clinic, Oriental Medicine

The Total Spine Center has elite specialists from the neurosurgery, pain clinic and oriental medicine department and offers integrative treatment options by offering the best surgery, pain management options and oriental medicine. The Total Spine Center initially considers non-surgical treatment and only suggests surgical procedures when truly necessary. The Total Spine Center is ready to do its best for the spinal health of its patients.

Total Spine Center
  • The best surgical and non-surgical treatment with the cooperation between neurosurgeons and orthopedics.
  • Non-surgical treatment options such as manipulation therapy, decompression therapy, selective nerve root block and PRP injection.
  • Operation is an option for patients suffering from chronic conditions. An operation rehabilitation program combining western and oriental medicine is available post-surgery.
  • Rehabilitation-oriented non-surgical treatment approach is the primary approach as long as the patient’s condition allows it.
  • Nerve blocking techniques are applied to control the pain of patients in cooperation with rehabilitation medicine and anesthesiology department.

Medical Staff of the Total Spine Center

Latest 128 channel MDCT (Multi Detector Computer Tomography)
Latest 128 channel MDCT (Multi Detector Computer Tomography)

This state-of-the-art technology allows us to obtain 128 precise images with a single rotation.