Үе мөч гэмтлийн төв

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Үе мөч гэмтлийн төв

Үе мөч гэмтлийн төв

Orthopedic Surgery, Rehabilitation Medicine

Our Orthopedic Rehabilitation Center strives to study, preserve, restore and develop the forms and functions of limbs, spine and other organs through medical, surgical and physical methods. Highly qualified specialists of the orthopedic surgery and joint division of rehabilitation medicine are keen to find the latest treatment options for you.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation Center
  • Selected by the Ministry of Health and Welfare as “Representative of Korea regarding Medical Technology on Artificial Joint Surgery”
  • Direct Treatment from Specialists of knee joint, hip joint, shoulder joint, foot, hand, spine and etc.
  • Abundant clinical experience of more than 5,000 cases of artificial joint surgery and 20,000 cases of arthroscopic surgery.
  • Offers non-surgical treatment: tissue regeneration therapy [PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), ESWT (Extra-Corporeal Shock-Wave Lithotripsy), Prolotherapy]

Medical Staff of the Orthopedic Rehabilitation Center

DR (Digital Radiography) digital Xray apparatus
DR (Digital Radiography) digital X-ray apparatus

High Resolution Images obtained with little input