Cutting-edge medical equipments

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Cutting-edge medical equipments

  • Accurate and fast radiation therapy is made possible with the ultra-sensitive and high frequency irradiation wave.
    [The first in Korea] Elekta Infinity with Agility
    [The first in Korea] Elekta Infinity with Agility


    • This latest equipment can deliver three-dimensional waves during rotating radiation treatment.
    • Dramatically reduces the treatment-time to 2 to 10 minutes including 3D Imaging.
    • It has the highest resolution of MLC in the General Radiation Treatment Sector up to date.
    • It can deliver very accurate and advanced treatment plans as it uses 5mm radiation waves onto specific treatment areas.
    • The pre-existing radiation equipment generally had 2~4% of leakage, but Elekta Infinity with Agility only has about 0.5% leakage to minimize the radiation damage on normal tissue.
  • Chemotherapy attacks cancer cells but it can also attack normal cells.
    [The first in Korea] ET : Endovascular Treatment

    A chemotherapy has strong toxic to kill enough of the normal cells. As normal cells are destroyed by intravenous infusion, immune functions are weakened. However, if a chemotherapy is performed to arteries that supply the cancer cells, it can be an effective attack reducing damage to normal cells. This procedure has been proven safe through adequate clinical experiments of more than 17,000 cases for last 20 years by Clinica E.T. Hospital in Japan.

    [The first in Korea] ET : Endovascular Treatment


    • ET uses only 1/5 or 1/10 of anti-cancer medication compared to intravenous chemotherapy.
    • It reduces side effects as low as 1/10 compared to intravenous chemotherapy.
    • 80~90% of the drugs are absorbed to cancer tissue rather than normal tissue.
    • It attacks only the cancer cells without damaging the immune system.
  • Diagnose your whole body for cancer with just one test!
    PET-CT Positron Emission Tomography

    PET-CT scan works by scanning a body after injecting contrast agent through the patient’s veins.
    Cancer can be detected early using the PET-CT because it is able to find biochemical changes before it forms any structural changes.

    PET-CT Positron Emission Tomography


    • You can detect early stages of cancer that are otherwise difficult to detect.
    • One hour, one session is enough to detect cancer of your entire body.
    • Benign and malignant tumors can be differentiated.
    • Safe due to lesser explosion to radiation.
    • Checks for tissue functionality and metabolic status of the body.
  • Effective in controlling ascites and increasing the survival rate of patients with peritoneum metastatic cancer.
    LHIPEC : Laparoscopic Hypothermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy

    This treatment is for peritoneum metastatic cancer patients. The chemotherapy drugs are injected into the stomach through laparoscopy, with the temperature being kept at 42-43 degrees Celsius for an hour.
    LHIPEC is being performed all over the world and is proven to be effective for treating metastatic nodes.

    LHIPEC : Laparoscopic Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy


    • The Strength of Laparoscopic Hypothermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy.
    • Prohibits the production of ascites by directly eliminating the metastatic cancer tissue.
    • Metastatic cells, treatable by both surgery and chemotherapy.
  • Metastatic cells! Both surgery and chemotherapy are in progress.
    Cytoreductive Surgery with Hypothermic Intraperitoneal Chemoperfusion CRS + HIPEC

    This treatment is for cancer with peritoneal seeding. CRS includes extensive extractions of organs and peritonectomy when a case involves tumor seeding nodes. HIPEC is a type of chemotherapy specialized for peritoneal lesions.

    Cytoreductive Surgery with Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemoperfusion CRS + HIPEC


    • For a patient who has 6 to 9 months left to live due to peritoneal metastasis, this treatment is likely to extend their life expectancy up to 1~2 years longer.
    • This treatment can be applied to metastasis such as stomach cancer, colon cancer or ovarian cancer that has spread to internal organs in the abdominal cavity.
  • Cancer Cells: Did you know that cancer cells can be destroyed at 13.56MHz wavelength?
    High-frequency Hypothermia Cancer Treatment

    Hypothermia destroys cancer cells by increasing the body’s core temperature up to 42~43 degrees Celsius with the 13.56 MHz wave. No other cells other than cancer cells will be destroyed through this procedure and this treatment has nearly no side effects.

    High-frequency Hyperthermia Cancer Treatment


    • Almost no pain nor side effects with less toxins.
    • All areas including the brain and bones that have solid tumors can be subject to this treatment.
    • Synergistic effect on immunity is anticipated.
    • Improves treatment results when combined with radiation therapy and chemotherapy.
    • Doesn’t destroy any other cells other than cancer cells by using the concentrated heating method
      (Additional equipment is not necessary).
  • Metastasis: It Relieves Pain

    Cryosurgery is a process tumor necrosis by rapidly decreasing the tumor’s core temperature to -80 degrees Celsius while monitoring the status on the screen with equipment such as CTs or ultrasounds. This is a minimal invasion procedure and patients can be discharged after 24 hours of admission.



    • Almost no scarring or pain
    • Faster recovery after treatment
    • Effective on prostate cancer, kidney cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer and bone metastasis
    • Relieves pain
    • Improves the patient’s quality of life by offering long-term pain relief
  • Cancer: Destroyed by Light instead of Knife!
    PDT Photodynamic Therapy

    PDT (Photodynamic Therapy) is a selective destruction method for cancer cells by shooting a 630nm light beam directly at the cancer cells.

    PDT Photodynamic Therapy


    • No damage to normal cells
    • Less pain, less complications or side effects
    • Effective on relapsed stage 3 or terminal cancer as well as the early stages.
    • Applicable for esophageal cancer, bile duct cancer, lung cancer, bladder cancer, skin cancer, mesothelioma and cervical cancer.
  • Eliminate Cancer Cells with Electric Needle
    RFA Radio Frequency Ablation

    This treatment destroys tumors using a high frequency electric needle, after having the needle inserted in the tumor area.

    RFA Radio Frequency Ablation


    • No scar, No pain.
    • This procedure is performed during sleep sedation without topical anesthesia.
    • Faster recovery after treatment.
    • Highly therapeutic effects that can be applied on various body parts.
    • Broad range of application, such as liver cancer, lung cancer, kidney cancer, bone and metastasis.