Центр эндокринологии и нефрологии

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Центр эндокринологии и нефрологии

Центр эндокринологии и нефрологии

Internal Kidney Medicine, Endocrinology

At the Kidney & Endocrine Center, specialists of Internal Kidney Medicine and Endocrinology are closely collaborating to treat lifestyle related diseases as well as a variety of renal diseases. This department is dedicated to delivering the best patient-oriented treatment possible. It operates a high-tech Artificial Kidney Center to provide hemodialysis to patients suffering from chronic renal failure, as well as offering various educational programs at the diabetes education center.

Kidney & Endocrine Center
  • Staffed with the best Osteoporosis specialist in Korea, Professor Gi-Ok Han!
  • Our very efficient team of specialist manage renal diseases including chronic renal failure
  • The Artificial Kidney Center is being operated with the most recent equipment and facilities.
  • Provides a personalized diabetes management program (Diabetes Education, Dietary Planning, Exercise Planning)
  • Received an outstanding grade (1st Grade) in the adequacy assessment of hemodialysis by HIRA (Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service)

Medical Staff of the Kidney & Endocrine Center

High-tech artificial kidney 5008S
High-tech artificial kidney 5008S

This High-Class German equipment was adopted to provide efficiency and safety in the treatment of dialysis patients.