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Төрөх төв

Төрөх төв

Infertility Clinic

The word “Infertility” was used in the past for a state of not being able to conceive for a long time. However, as the word “infertility” can portray a negative impression regarding pregnancy, the term “subfertility” is being used as a substitute word these days.

Medically, the WHO defines subfertility as a state of not being able to get pregnant despite regular sexual relations without using contraception for more than 1 year. Since the age of women have a close link to subfertility, women aged 35 and higher who are unable to conceive for more than 6 months are recommended to seek medical help. If a couple is unable to conceive for a long period of time despite having regular sexual intercourse, it is necessary to visit a doctor and check if there are any underlying medical issues.

Infertility Center
Characteristics of Sam Subfertility Center

Treatment is based or natural period/ovulation induction through nerve situation. The center aims to provide the safest treatment with the least side effects or complications. It aspires to provide convenient, less-injection based and financially affordable treatment solutions.

The center provides treatment while remaining bio-ethical. Subfertility treatments are mainly based on fresh embryo transfer, and the center is strictly against selective induced abortions and embryo experiments.