Центр иммуногематоонкологии

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Центр иммуногематоонкологии

Центр иммуногематоонкологии

Immunity Clinic, Oriental Medicine, Complementary & Alternative Medicine

All diseases typically originate from decreased immunity. An increase in immunity can prevent diseases and help patients recover from illnesses quickly. Cancer patients are especially suffering from complications, an occurrence of other diseases added to their initial cancer diagnosis and this decreases the quality of life and makes it difficult to live their daily life. Decreased immunity can be caused by cancer treatment: some contributing factors are anti-cancer drugs, radiotherapy as well as stress from the pain of cancer. The Immunity Hemato-Oncology Center helps to reduce the occurrence of various diseases caused by a weakened immune system by combining modern medicine with alternative medicine. The center is also practicing a wide range of therapies to support healthier lifestyles for cancer patients.

Immunity Hemato-oncology Center
  • Proposes a variety of treatments for immune diseases through western-oriental collaborative medical practice
  • Direct treatment by Dr. Kim, Tae-sik, a mastermind of complementary and integrative medicine (Vitamin C, Mistletoe, etc)
  •  Offers high-tech immunotherapy options provided by specialists
    [Cell treatment, thermotherapy (local/systemic)]
  • Personal Education System Customized for each patient
    (exercise, diet therapy, mental healing, spiritual healing, etc)

Specialists of the Immuunity Hemato-Oncology Center

Systemic thermotherapy apparatus, local thermotherapy apparatus
Systemic thermotherapy apparatus, local thermotherapy apparatus

High-tech thermotherapy to enhance the immunity of cancer patients