Dental Center

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Dental Center

Dental Center


The Dental Center endeavors to provide integrative treatment for teeth, gingival, face and jaw by performing oral surgery, prosthetics, periodontology, orthodontic treatment, implant clinic, beauty clinic, orofacial clinic, scaling clinic and temporomandibular joint clinic.

Staffed with an implant specialist who has diverse clinical experience in the dental disease sector

Pleasant facilities, latest diagnosis/treatment equipment

Affordable treatment options (implants, dentures, etc)

Treats general periodontal diseases, provides implant and esthetic prosthetics and denture options.

Dental Center
  • Scouted implant specialist with diverse clinical experience about dental diseases
  • Pleasant facilities, latest diagnosis/treatment equipment
  • Propose treatment with reasonable price (implant, denture, etc.)
  • Treat general periodontal diseases, implant, esthetic prosthetics and denture
Implant Clinic

Implants work by planting implantable materials to the root of the natural teeth in the place of the lost tooth, so the artificial tooth can act as your natural tooth. Sam Hospital is doing its best to provide the best and highly satisfactory treatment to patients by using only safe and proven materials.

Beauty Clinic

Patients can recover their bright and radiant smile through the following treatments: Teeth bleaching that whitens the teeth, all-ceramic crown and porcelain inlay for transparent teeth without the use of any metals, bonded porcelain restoration in the anterior dentition, gum plastic surgery through gum transplant in the case of sunken gums.

Panorama CT
Panorama CT

Provides accurate diagnosis through panoramic radiography, CT and Cephalometry